Goulstone Genealogy


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The MAIN BRANCH of the Tree - starts ca.1480
The Kiwi Branch of the tree.
The Saltford Branch of the tree.
The Welsh Branch of the Tree.

The USA and Australian Connections are under construction

These printouts are a copy of the written up tree data made in 2002
for up to date data please contact me.

For queries, corrections or additions please contact Bryan
either on homephone (03) 338 8117 or cellphone 021 323 6133
OR Email     beaverslodge@xtra.co.nz    or   bryan@goulstone.org    or   goulstone@hotmail.com

As keeper of the archives I have much information in the form of letters, web search data, original documents, other correspondence, technical data and pamphlets, tree data and photographs. You can contact me by mail, email and phone (See top of page). If you have a suitable 'Genealogy Program' which will accept a GEDCOM file, I can supply you with a copy of this data which has taken over 40 years to compile. I point out again that it is only as accurate as my sources allow it to be, it is NOT guaranteed 100% accurate.