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This is my HOBBIES and INTERESTS Page.
If you want help or information about any of these items please contact me by email.
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I potter, I write, I do my family genealogy, study how to do things on my computer (at the moment website building & HTML) and I surf on the net, play games when I'm not busy and communicate with people all around the world on email and cope with CIDP.

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The wife and I visit local wineries, we try to visit a different one each month to taste their brew and dine at their resturant.
I think I will start a private "Bryan's Guide to Wineries in Canterbury", all my own impressions.

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I read mainly Science fiction and fantasy novels.
A few of my favorite Authors:

Isaac Azimov
Arthur C Clarke
Stephen Donaldson
Anne McCaffrey
Terry Pratchett
Tom Holt

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Having been to Egypt for a trip down the Nile. I am interested in all things Egyptian.

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Here are some of the places I've visited.

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Most of my photography is family snapshots taken over the last 50 or so years. Some B&W film, slides, colour film 8mm film movies, 8mm video movies, hopefully soon Digital stills and video. When I get "A ROUND TUIT" I will be in the process of converting it all to DVD as slideshows and movies. I hope also to turn all my old VCR video recordings with adbreaks into smooth DVDs without ads.

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MUSIC - POP & JAZZ mainly

This is what I listen to.

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LIFE - 42

This is where everything else goes.

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Bryan Goulstone, Townhouse 10/5 Corbett Crescent, Aidanfield, Halswell, Christchurch 8025
Tel: (03) 338 8117