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Some of me favourite poems - wot I've writ.

The Rhyme of the Ancient Herbalist
The Ignominious Death of an Unknown Beast
Rainbow Farm A Children's Poem

The Rhyme of the Ancient Herbalist.
Bryan V Goulstone

I met an ancient herbalist
on the road to town,
a curious tale he told me,
and bade me write it down.

He told me of the wares he sold,
the products of the earth,
the strange and wonderous things they cured,
from warts to lessened girth.

His story ran for many hours
a lengthy tale indeed,
of herb and root and stem and leaf
and flower and tiny seed,

and then with sadness in his eye
he passed his bag to me
and in it were his healing plants,
in number eighty three,

and while I looked within the pouch
starting with his beard,
he slowly faded from my sight,
completely disappeared.

He'd told me of the herbs and spice
I'd written it all down,
"I" was now the herbalist,
a trudging into town.

So as I told you at the start,
a tale both strange and true,
and if you'll write it down, my friend,
I'll tell you of it too.

So get your pen and write it down,
my time has come you see,
to vanish in the mists of time,
and leave the job
                              to thee.

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The Ignominious Death of an Unknown Creature
by Bryan V Goulstone
Apologies to the Late Reverend 'Lewis Carrol' Dobson.

A spartled Bathy drummocked down
behind a snarf of queeg
its breedy peeps intently snook
upon a gnurd of Dweeb

an unbesnuggled dweeb he skied
and smingled out the greast
it blagged far behind the gnurd
an easy Bathy preast

but into brew a Posit grept
a licktious slavoured pird
the Bathy slurbed its flabb-ed glips
and gralked the hapless nurd

then as it snarked a miffled snark
its unctious snarlers driffin'
it grounced upon the Posit's frack
and thusly ceased its liffin'

long Bathy drangs glunged into it
and dravaged all the greet
and left the charcase in the queeg
for others to deplete.

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Rainbow Farm.

Rainbow farm is a success,
as all the colours are a mess,
although the colours all are bright
there's something that is not quite right,

For cows that should be black or white
are not, they're such a funny sight
they're purple with some yellow faces
painted in some funny places.

The chickens running in the yard,
to find them isn't very hard,
they are extremely quickly seen
because they all are lightish green.

The ducks that are upon the pond
of which you all are very fond,
they swim around, dip heads and drink
these silly birds they all are pink.

The pigs, that grunt around their sty
they're colour is just like your sky
a colour that I'm sure you knew
of course it is, the colour's blue.

Green clouds are swiftly drifting by
upon a sort of browny sky
and flowers bloom, there is no lack
oh, goodness me, they all are black.

There's orange grass, the trees are cream,
and what's the colour of the stream,
its water splashing on its way,
What did you say? Oh yes, its grey.

Green Rabbits in the fields they hop,
amongst the farmers pale blue crop,
to see them you must look with care
in case you think they are not there.

And what is this? Well answer please!
A flight of bright red bumblebees,
they're off to find some place to land,
a yellow bush or lilac sand.

The butterflies are all around
up in the air and on the ground
from normal ones you cannot tell
they're multi coloured here as well.

So if you want a brilliant day
of colour, there is just, one way
And surely it can do no harm
to come on back to Rainbow farm.

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