Beaver's Enterprises.
Computing is my hobby, and I am self-taught - but I want to help all those who need assistance with all kind of computer related problems.
I can design WEB SITES, access and update existing websites, talk or email you through your computer needs.
And it's free - unless you choose to reward me for my efforts with a donation for time or assistance.

This page was last updated on: 24/09/2008

Welcome to the SENIOR'S HELP PAGE

This is YOUR Website.

So here I am building a web page for YOU.
Give me your questions and ideas for the site. We can solve your problem and tell everyone else how to do it too.

Is your PC acting sluggish? Are strange windows inexplicably popping up on your screen? Do you have to reboot your computer because of errors and lockups? Click here for solutions - try ""

For Example:-
When I first wanted to create a site, first I tried "FRONTPAGE".
But it included so much code of its own that I didn't understand and which wouldn't work when I uploaded it to the server.

So - it was - back to the drawing board.
I asked my brother "expert in all things computer", he said use "NOTEPAD" and start from basics, learn HTML language its fairly easy.
So I did, and here we are - after a few false starts.

So - If you want help starting out building a website, I've been there, so I think I can get you started. Anyhow send me your question, why don't you email me.------------------ RIGHT NOW

Maybe its "Archiving your (pictures) Slides".
"Genealogy on computers"
"Something else!!" - or call me.