Last update August 22, 2005

Work in progress and available for publication

Taedo's Fire  BOOK    A story of Good V. Evil (Unfinished)
Crystal Singer  BOOK    A story of Crystal Resonance creating an Interplanetary Transporter (Unfinished)

Terror Flora   POEM - Danger on ocean planet.

Egg  SHORT STORY    A story of the trouble caused by an Alien Ovulate Spaceship
Just another Monday   SHORT STORY    A story of a transport error.
Devil's Auditorium  SHORT STORY    A story of a stone circle.
Asmar Fadva  SHORT STORY    Vending Machine runs amuck
A problem of Scale  SHORT STORY    Miniature Aliens meet Unhappy Fate
Visionary's Stone  SHORT STORY    Published in Japan - A story of the powers of a stone

- - - and many more  ASK    Please E-mail me for titles.