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Freelance Rates in New Zealand

Most of us don't write because we'd like to be rich but many of us wouldn't mind a living wage. For about 15 years, freelance rates at local newspapers and magazines, have been 40c a word (or lower); contracts and conditions are often vague or non-existent. All of this puts freelance writers at a disadvantage.

Now two journalists, with the support of the EPMU, are hoping to help redress this, and they need your help. Kim Griggs and Simon Collins are collating information on rates and conditions at New Zealand's newspapers, magazines and online news sites. By making rates and copyright information more freely available, the hope is that 40 cents will become a floor, or possibly even go up. But if rates won't budge, then more information about copyright and conditions might help freelancers make the most out of their work.

If you are interested in helping out please send rates information to contact
kim@griggs.net. The information (or any subset thereof) for the database is:

Publication (name, frequency)
Rate per word (or other information on how they pay)
What rights does that fee cover: e.g.. one-time print publication, first New Zealand rights, web rights
Does the publisher wish to onsell stories to any databases or anywhere else i.e. do they want digital rights?
When is fee payable (on acceptance, or publication, how long after publication?)
Does the publisher pay on words published or words commissioned?
Is there a kill fee?
Does the publisher pay expenses? (If so, what?)

The information (and not its source) will end up on the EPMU website, available for use by all.